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Big Hearted is made up of two 14-year-old kids who love to create, design, and smell good.

Friends since elementary school, Andrew and Hunter had dreams to create something big and so they collaborated to create Big Hearted. Their first adventure together was to create a rock ’n’ roll band for their elementary school talent show.  Rocking out to ‘Footloose,’ it was a first for the school to have kids put together something like this. But as their parents know, this is how Andrew and Hunter operate – once they have an idea, they both push each other to make it happen.  


Whether it was with blocks or Legos, Hunter has always been creating something since he was a little boy. Always curious about how soap was made, Hunter decided to learn how to make soap, not only for himself, but for his immediate family.  Soon, friends and extended family were interested in Hunter’s soap and Hunter turned to his friend Andrew to help with sales. 


A great communicator, relationship builder, and problem-solver, Andrew has always been creating in the kitchen – baking brownies, cookies, creating meals such as baked Ziti, flank steak, and homemade pasta.  During the long unpredictable Spring, Andrew decided to expand his kitchen creations and learned how to make candles.  


When COVID-19 disrupted all our lives, Andrew reached out to Hunter and said this is the best time to get back on track.  Hunter agreed. Merging their passions for soap and candles together, Big Hearted Soap & Candles was born.  

Try one of our homemade natural soaps and candles and let us know what you think! 

Be Bright, Be Bold, Be Big Hearted. 

Hunter & Andrew       

2 thoughts on “About Us”

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thank you so much for reaching out! I am glad you loved our little part in the magazine. To answer your question, yes Andrew and I attend James Madison Memorial High school as freshmen! That sounds so cool that you would like to highlight our work. Thank you so much and if you have any questions about us or the business, do not hesitate to ask! I hope your day is going great and looking forward to talking again soon!
      -Hunter Novak (Co-owner of Bighearted Gifts)

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