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Soap, Candles, and Us

Soap, Candles, and Us. If you clicked on the about us page we suppose you want to learn about us. Which is awesome! Oh, the stories and the adventures we have had from the early beginning of elementary school to know the ongoing task of High school.  Our friendship has grown throughout the years of our journey. But for a great story, we must begin with the beginning. Many of you don’t know but Andrew and I go way back to our elementary days. We would have an absolute blast and do all sorts of stuff, some may be questionable but the main thing I’m trying to get at, is we were great friends, could be considered best friends on the days we weren’t trying to steal chips or candy from each others lunch box. But the thing that really made us different from all the rest of the kids at our school was our ideas. We would always come up with the most elaborate and (interesting) ideas you could possibly think of. As we grew into our teens we both began to pick up different hobbies and interests. Personally, I took into playing the guitar and making soap. Andrew trained and perfected his chef skills and wanted to become a cook. I started making soap at 11 years old, it was fun and I could really exercise my creativity. Soon friends and family began to take interest in my soaps. I started selling my soap bars and was taking up a pretty good profit. I started turning my hobby into a business. But I needed help so Andrew started to help me out with the business and that’s when we really started to take off! But it is literally just us. Andrew is our marketing, sales, and product manager. I take up website managing, (I built the website you see here). I also manage the accounting and all of our product releases and launches. We do this plus going to school and living a normal 14-year-old life. We are friends and partners in business. Thank you for supporting us, mom and dad! 

Be Bright, Be Bold, Be Big Hearted. 

-Hunter & Andrew

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