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We have multiple questions here for anyone who has any questions! If you haven’t found the question you are looking for please contact us!

Sadly no, we try to keep our ingredients that we use as organic as possible but some ingredients we use don’t fall under the organic category. But 100% all natural will never change!

Yes, we do bulk orders! If you need more then what we have in supply. Contact us and we will talk about your bulk order!

Currently, no. Working, plus school is a lot and rushing our process will just result in a longer waiting period. We try our best to get your product into the time frame we offer and that’s the best we can do.

Our short answer is yes, but there are limitations. Please visit our refund page for more information. 

OF COURSE!! We make our products. How lame would that be if we didn’t. Buy making our products we can make the best soaps and candles for you! But we also just like making things :). 

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