Shipping Policy

When shipping your order, we put our best effort into securitizing that your package gets to you as smoothly as possible. Even though sometimes errors or mistakes may occur during this process we will try our hardest to fix that issue. If you have any questions, please read what we have stated below and if you still have any questions. Please contact us so we can make your experience with us the best experience possible.

What shipping options are available?

Currently, our shipping options are Local pickup and USPS priority mail. In the future, we will add more if necessary.

How much each shipping method will cost the customer?

When choosing your shipping option, we have local pickup which is only Free. Please scroll down till you see Local pickup to read more on that. Our other shipping option is USPS priority mail. The price for this option depends on your order, if your order is a bigger order then your shipping price is going to be higher, but our base price for shipping priority is $5.99 and gets higher depending on the items in your cart.

How long does each shipping method typically take?

For local pickup, it’s all based on your schedule! Handling time could be from 1-3 business days. After your order is ready, you provide a pickup date whenever you are ready!

For USPS priority mail, shipping can be anywhere from 2-7 business days including handling time. You will get an email about your tracking number and more info on your package to see where your package is!

Local pickup instruction and information.

When you choose Local pickup, you will get an email including information about how this process is done. But for a brief summary right now. Once you place an order, we will send you an email in 1- 24 hours stating when your order will be completed and other instructions.  Once your order is completed you will schedule an appointment on when to pick it up. You get to choose the time on when to pick up your products between our time frame. To choose your appointment we have a calendar booker that will take you through the process quickly and easily and super simple. Our time frame for pick up is every day except Fridays between a 3 pm and 7 pm window. We are located in Madison WI and you will be provided with an address privately. 

Damaged / Lost packages.

Although we put our best into getting your order to you sometimes damage can happen from the carrier. To file a claim to us about a damaged product you must take a picture of the damaged product and send it to our email: Please include your order number when sending us the photos. Responses may be up to 48 hours. After we receive your inquiry Big-hearted Gifts will do refunds / partial credits / re-send depending on the damage we see.

Lost packages suck! And we understand that. If your parcel is lost contact us at and we contact the carrier to file a claim. As the shipper, we do not hold responsibility for a lost package. In the very end, it is the carrier’s decision on how they want to deal with the claim. If they accept responsibility for the lost package, we will work out the details on resending you your shipment. If they do not accept responsibility for the package, then it is up to you and the carrier. Bighearted Gifts does not give out refunds if the parcel was correctly shipped and the carrier does not accept the claim.

Do we ship internationally?

At the moment, no. We are a small company and we don’t see the need for shipping internationally (yet). In the future, and if we see this would be a good opportunity we would consider international shipping. 

Where do we ship?

We ship only to the United States excluding Hawaii and Alaska. In the future we will consider adding more areas to ship to!

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